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March 12, 2024

National Arts Month: BCPCH awards Top 20 winning Bangsamoro Artists in Digital Artwork Competition

Not only one but 20 Bangsamoro artists are recognized for their exemplary skills and talents in Digital Arts as the Bangsamoro Commission for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage – BARMM under the leadership of Chairperson Salem Y. Lingasa, Ph.D. awards them during the culmination of this year’s National Arts Month Digital Artwork Competition in partnership with Muddy Cup Café, ZALMM Building, Cotabato City.

Bearing the theme “Ani ng Sining, Bayang Malikhain”, the said competition facilitated by the Commission’s Cultural Affairs Section headed by Community Affairs Officer III Sheryan P. Guialel captured the creative spirit of the aspiring amateur artist of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao and its additional territories such as the Cotabato City and 63 Barangays of the Special Geographic Area by featuring the rich and diverse culture of the Bangsamoro Tri-people composed of the Ethnolinguistic Muslim groups, Indigenous Peoples and Settler Communities.

In behalf of the Chairperson Lingasa and Executive Director Akmad D. Mama, Community Affairs Officer V Aaron-Jeff D. Usman also congratulated the winners and invited them to also partake in the national competitions by laying down lists of grants offered by the Commission’s national counterpart – the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. This was followed by Planning Officer II Alesa Krista Valensoy’s introduction of other Regional Programs, Activities and Projects to be implemented by BCPCH-BARMM lined up for Calendar Year 2024 hoping that they would continue to engage in these cultural activities.

Before the awarding of Top 20 shortlisted entries, the artists were each allotted a time to express their motivation behind their artistic creations. The following winners consist of individuals from students to working adults from across BARMM such as: a) Maguindanao del Sur – Prince Lucman Mastura; b) Maguindanao del Norte – Lady Shapeyah T. Mastura, Mis-ad L. Abdullah, Jhuhan Daud Abas, Yasper M. Tangkli and Norman D. Bansuan; c) Lanao del Sur – Aeshah M. Mangorangca, Sanif R. Ripors, Abdul Karim M. Muti. Jr., Muhalliden M. Pumbaya, Moh’d Nasif B. Ating, Jalil H. Macaorao and Naef Onos Abdulrahman; d) Basilan – Hasana U. Anggi; e) Cotabato City – Mohaimen M. Guiamal, Mohamad Ali M. Guiamal, Nur Faizal U. Dama, Dyanne Rose C. Robin, Julius Romar G. Enriquez; and f) Special Geographic Area – Halayna S. Pangato who each received 1,700.00 cash prize and a Certificate.

Being the people’s choice awardee, Mr. Nur Faizal U. Dama who garnered the most reactions of 3.2K and most shares of 19.8K were able to receive additional 3,000.00 for each award.

These artworks will also be compiled to produce a coloring book that will be distributed to younger Bangsamoro leaners. The unveiling and presentation of the digital version of the coloring book also include a physical copy of the final draft to be held and seen by the winners prior to the actual printing and distribution.

This initiative of the Commission through the following personnel: Community Affairs Officer II Fairdauz Jamaila Sucol, Community Affairs Officer I Noraida M. Sabpa assisted by Information Systems Analyst I RAimarie S. Losaria and Political Affairs Assistant II Reeda Kalanganan thereby establishes the context for further research into incorporating digital platforms into the festivities. By embracing the technological revolution, we can keep empowering artists and cultivating a vibrant creative culture in the region.

Other BCPCH personnel who were also present during the awarding ceremony include Section Heads and Representatives from the Coordination and Support Services Division.

BCPCH is the primary institution in preserving the history, culture, arts, tradition, and rich cultural heritage of the Bangsamoro people across the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. The Commission is currently under the leadership of Chairperson Salem Y. Lingasa, Ph.D.