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Preserving, Conserving and Protecting of Cultural Heritage.

Having the primary responsibility of writing the history of the Bangsamoro people, the Bangsamoro Commission for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage(BCPCH-BARMM) as outlined in the Bangsamoro Organic Law(BOL) under Arts and Culture is duly-bound to further preserve the history, culture, arts, traditions and the rich cultural heritage of the Bangsamoro people and their Sultanates, such as those in Sulu, Maguindanao. Kabuntalan, Buayan, the Royal Houses of Ranao and of the Iranun, and the non-Moro indigenous peoples of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region by establishing and sustaining the cultural institutions, programs and projects in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.


Section 49: Powers of the BCPCH under the Administrative Code states that the Commission now has the power to accredit, register, and oversees cultural mapping initiatives and registry of cultural properties in the Bangsamoro region by coordinating and working closely with national counterparts such as National Commission for Culture and the Arts(NCCA), National Historical Commission of the Philippines(NHCP), National Museum of the Philippines and other concerned cultural agencies.


The Commission shall also establish libraries and museums, declare historical shrines and cultural sites to preserve the Bangsamoro heritage for prosperity.