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Lakbay Kultura

Lakbay Kultura is a cultural outreach program of the BCPH-BARMM which aims to promote cultural awareness and solidarity.

The content of the program focuses on every province’s cultural people, location, dialect, customs and traditions, cultural art and cultural material.

Target beneficiaries are elementary pupils of grade 3-5. The reason behind is the national educational teachers guide wherein this program is contextualizing the content of the lesson plan into their own region. Since, it is observed that the topic of discussion is focused and mainly found and formulated in Luzon and Visayas wherein the cultural value of Mindanao is in the limelight. Hence, LK became an avenue in promoting cultural education and an advocacy for “Culture of Peace”.

The five provinces of BARMM with selected barangays and schools will simultaneously experience the cultural education program of the Bureau on Cultural Heritage.